About LAWA

Governor Hoeven signed the Lake Agassiz Water Authority (LAWA) bill during the 2003 legislative session, which instated LAWA as a new water authority in North Dakota. It was created because of increasing water demands caused by the Valley’s growing population and the likelihood of a severe drought occurring in the next 50 years. LAWA is comprised of cities and water districts in central and eastern North Dakota, and three cities in Minnesota (East Grand Forks, Moorhead and Breckenridge). United, the bodies concerned with this issue work together to create solutions, form goals and plan for future water supply needs in the Red River Valley.
LAWA’s purpose is to provide a reliable supply of drinking water to central and eastern North Dakota with a focus on the economic welfare of the people and the reliability of a high-quality water supply. It was formed to collaborate on a plan to meet future water supply needs in central North Dakota and the Red River Valley.
As a representative for the water users in central and eastern North Dakota, LAWA is working to find a feasible plan that will ensure a reliable water supply for the citizens, businesses and communities in the region. LAWA actively represents the water users in their work as a cooperating agency on the Red River Valley Water Supply Project.